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Planning for Transdisciplinary Instruction

Page history last edited by Richard Beach 1 year, 12 months ago

Identifying Academic Language Demands in Support of the Common Core State Standards


Addressing Disciplinary Literacies in the Common Core Standards


Rebecca Greene: Five Strategies for ELL Instruction: related to the CCSS


American Library Association: How librarians can address the CCSS in different subjects


ASCD: Common Core Standards resources


Webinar: Sarah Michaels: Relationships between the science, ELA, and math standards


Identifying Academic Language Demands in Support of the Common Core State Standards 


Devising template assignments base on reading CCSS for science and social studies, Education Week


Discovery Education: Curiosity in the Classroom: Science activities


NCLE: Remodeling Literacy Learning Together: Paths to Standards Implementation


Catherine Nelson: Teacher Collaboration: Key to Common Core Success


How Common Core, Step by Step, Transformed One Middle School Classroom  


KQED DoNow: Inquiry-based questions and related reports


Gewertz, C. (2014). Two Districts, Two Approaches to Common Core Curriculum. Education Week


Online Coursera course: Common Core in Action: Literacy in the Content Areas


Jan Herrington: Video presentation on creating authentic learning tasks for use of Web 2.0 tools 


Supplementary material for implementing the CCSS: sample student writing and related material


US Department of Education: You for Youth: Projects in each state related to curriculum development


Writing History in a Digital Age: An e-book written through crowdsourcing


Schneider, D. (2014, August 26). Writing like historians [web log post]


T. Mills Kelly.  Teaching History in the Digital Age.  Free online book


Lincoln Mullen, How To Teach History in a Digital Age.  ProfHacker


History resources




Smithsonian Institute: Cultural heritage tours


TimeLinesTV: History, Documentary, and Television: videos on history


Wikisota: Resources for teaching social studies related to Minnesota places


Histografica: Find historical pictures of places


American History in Video


Video: Michael Wesch: A Portal to Media Literacy: Using digital tools to teach cultural anthropology


Michael Wesch: Netvibes class portal for his cultural anthropology course


Wiki: Studying Societies


Dan Cohen and Ray Rosenzweig: Digital History: A Guide to Gathering, Preserving, and Presenting the Past on the Web


Gilder Lehrman Institute: one million primary-source documents


English Language Civics for ESL Teachers


Anne Davis: Using blogs in social studies


In Allen's methods course (English 479: Teaching Writing in Secondary Schools) to help his students -- after reading and discussing Chapter 3 -- understand literacy practice teaching has then write a "Literacy Practices Event Description."  This activity addresses all the elements of literacy practices described in Teaching to Exceed.  



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